College Hostel

The college provides accommodation in the hostel to its students who hail from far off places of Udhampur District. Hostel facility is available for 100 male students in two Boys’ Hostels, i.e., Tagore Hostel and Gaddi Sippy Hostel. Three students are accommodated in a room. Due to constraint of limited accommodation the admission to the hostel is made o the basis of merit in the qualifying examination. In case two or more applicants fall in the same merit preference will be given to those with lowest family income on the basis of income certificate issued by employer or Tehsildar.

Admission to the Hostel

Application for admission to the hostel shall be made on a prescribed format available with the college office dully filled and submitted to the office. The applicant should be accompanied by fitness certificate. Regarding admission, preference is given to the meritorious students, candidates coming from flung areas and those belonging to SC/ST, Back ward classes and backward areas. Some seats are reserved for the children of Defence Personnel. Admission in Gaddi Sippy Hostel is preferred to Gaddi Sippy community. The hostel functions under the supervision of the Warden who is guardian of all the inmates of the hostel.

Facilities in the Hostel

The following facilities are available to students in the hostel:-

Well ventilated shared accommodation each room provided with three beds.

Mess arrangement.

Common dining hall.

First aid facility and checkup when needed.

Study room

Hostel Fee and hostel security deposit is Rs. 2500/- + Rs 1000/- = Rs 3500/- per student.

Hostel Rules

The hostel mess is run on co-operative basis and is managed by the Mess Committee comprising students and the Warden. Students have to clear the mess charges by the 10 th of each month.

The hostel gates are opened at 5 a.m. in summer and at 6 a.m. in winter and are closed at 10 p.m. in summer and 9 p.m. in winter. Gates shall not be opened during the night except in case of emergency. No boarder shall be allowed to move out after the evening attendance is taken.

Application for leave should be submitted to the Warden in person Boarders who remain absent without prior admission are liable to be expelled from the hostel. Any boarder staying away for the whole night without permission shall be fined Rs. 100/- for the first offence. If the offence is repeated second time, the fine will be doubled, third time he is liable to face disciplinary action which can include expulsion from the hostel.

No guests/ relatives are allowed to reside in the hostel. Visitors are not allowed to enter the hostel. They are allowed only in the visitor’s lounge. If this rule is broken the boarder is liable to be fined or expelled from the hostel.

The hostlers are themselves responsible for the safety of their belongings. During vacations and long leave they shall remove all personal property from the premises of the hostel. The articles left in the premises without permission may be confiscated.

The hostel authorities shall not be responsible for the loss or theft of any cash or valuables kept in the rooms of the boarders.

Religious meetings, gatherings or functions are not allowed inside the hostel premises. No boarder is allowed to observe any religious ceremony even in his own room.

No boarder is allowed any amusement which may disturb other boarders.

Playing outdoor games in the corridors is prohibited.

Use of Heaters/Electric appliances in the rooms is strictly banned.

Ragging in any form on or off the college campus including the hostel is cognizable offence and the students involved in ragging will be severely punished. Ragging in the hostel is strictly prohibited. Any student of the hostel indulging in ragging is liable to be expelled from the hostel and even from the college.

If a hostler is asked to vacate the hostel room on disciplinary or administrative grounds, he shall have to obey immediately, failing which the Warden shall break open the lock of the room and remove the belongings

Any refundable dues shall be released only after all due payments have been made by the boarder. The claim for all such refunds should be made within six months from the date of leaving the hostel. No claim shall be entertained after that.

The college authorities reserve the right to the alter, amend or modify any of the existing rules without prior notice. Decision of the principal in all such matters shall be final and binding.

College Hostel

College Hostel

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